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What can a Santa Monica Physical Therapist Do for you?

Physical therapy is a treatment to heal certain health conditions and diseases like spine or back pain. Apart from this physical therapy can also cure specific illnesses and major injuries. Many individuals consider physical therapy as an effective alternative treatment for numerous health problems. Some individuals confuse physical therapy with occupational therapy. Both of these treatment methods are different. Occupational therapy is a treatment for those individuals born with physical disabilities while physical therapy is a treatment to relief injuries, pain and other health conditions.

Main Role of Physical Therapist

The primary task of a physical therapist is to provide patients relief from pain in an effective manner, mostly by exercise. Santa Monica physical therapists have the following five main goals:

    • Educating patients about the principle of strengthening and stretching in order to assist them in managing their pain and accelerating tissue healing.
    • Educating patients about the importance of right posture for their spine.
    • Accelerating healing stages with a special focus on pain reduction and strengthening the inflammatory cycle through applying electrical stimulation, traction, ultrasound, heat and ice when necessary.
    • Helping to restore spine motion, joint mobility and muscular flexibility by introducing certain stretching and progression exercises for abolishing stiffness and pain.
    • To strengthen the muscles involved and teaching the patient to maintain the correct posture.
    • Assisting the patients to return to normal activities by creating awareness of the mechanics of their body and importance of daily stretching
    • To help their patients in preventing future incidents.
    • For managing exacerbations by helping the patients understand how to eliminate symptoms of any pain and injury immediately.

Services Provided by Santa Monica Physical Therapist

In Santa Monica, there are a vast range of services offered by the physical therapists. Apart from regular counseling and providing the patients with useful tips and advices, the therapists also provide the following services:

Manual Therapy

        • Manual therapy’s main purpose is the optimization of mobility of all tissue structures including muscles and joints.
        • Physical therapist will put you through muscle releasing techniques or muscle stretching exercises or deep massages. Some may also add joint mobilization depending on your condition.
        • Joint mobilization is almost same as chiropractic manipulation but it is a more slow process utilizing less force.

Therapeutic Exercise

        • Usually patients experience pain due to their muscles becoming weak. There are unable to perform their daily tasks. For example, sitting in front of the computer all day long weakens the buttock muscles.
        • Physical therapists address this problem by monitoring and prescribing certain exercises that target the affected area.
        • A therapist will also provide you with some home exercise routines to help you get healed properly.
        • Lasers, electric stimulations, ultrasound and other techniques are utilized by physical therapists in order to treat acute symptoms experienced by the patients. For example, ultrasounds can be used to increase the blood flow to the muscles.
        • Electric stimulations are known to jump start an underused muscles to contract more properly.
        • Educating patients about appropriate self care is also one of the services offered by Santa Monica physical therapists.
        • In many cases, patients can cure themselves of avoid unwanted pain and problems by slight modifications in their habits.

Even with the latest technological advancement in our society, countless individuals count on their physical therapists to provide them with effective and legitimate treatment for their pain and injuries or any other health problem. Physical therapists assist them through specialized and appropriate exercises targeted for the specific area. These exercises and activities ensure that the patient gradually regain full health and start moving normally.


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