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Physical therapy is a treatment in which the therapist assesses, diagnoses and treats the musculoskeletal system’s ailments. The physical therapist evaluates the ability of the patient to function, monitors patient’s motor functions, improves coordination and balance, assists in increasing the strength of muscles and creates treatment plans for home rehabilitation. Physical therapists utilize carefully designed and customized treatments plans for the restoration of patients’ health. Physical therapy has more benefits apart from just muscle injury treatment.

Physical therapists assist patients in recovering and managing any debilitating physical conditions which leave them incapable of functioning properly. The main aim of this therapy is to assist the individuals with such conditions to function properly in their daily activities. Physical therapists use various devices and techniques to help the patients to recover their strength and motion range. They help them to improve their posture, manage pain, improve mobility and manage any debilitating conditions. The most common situations faced by patients are a result of any injury, chronic disease or illness. Physical therapy in Los Angeles involves using therapeutic equipment including ultrasonic machines, whirlpool baths, EMS machines as well as infrared and ultra violet lamps.

When to Opt for Physical Therapy

There are many individuals who are unsure whether they need physical therapy or not. This therapy can be used to cure all musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunctions.

Following are some conditions in which physical therapy can be used as a treatment:

1.    Injuries Related to Sports

Exercise or sports injuries can occur due to any mishap during matches or training sessions. Causes of sports injuries can be through wrong methods of warming up as well as experiencing trauma from an accident or fall which results in a physical injury.

2.    Chronic Diseases

Diseases like Osteoarthritis and Arthritis can be treated through physical therapy. Arthritis is joint inflammation while Osteoarthritis occurs due to the wearing of joint cartilage that covers the ends of our bones. These two diseases generate extreme pain and cause difficulty in moving.

3.    Issues Related to Surgery

If you have gone through any surgery, you may need physical therapy to assist you in recovering and strengthening your muscles.

4.    Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Fibromyalgia can be taken as an example in this case. It is described as an aching condition which is described as body tenderness in different areas, problems in sleeping, fatigue, and extensive soft tissue pain. Physical therapy can help in easing this pain.

5.    Mobility or Balance Problem

This problem can occur due to a trauma from an accident, brain condition or a head injury.  Such incidents can have a strong impact on individuals’ mobility which can be treated through physical therapy.

6.    Muscle Injury or Sprain

Anyone can experience these injuries through excessive repetitive motion, fall incidents or slips or any other accident that results in physical injuries. The injured areas in this case include wrists, hands, ankles, feet, knees, shoulders and arms.  Such injuries can also cause neck pain. All of these areas can be easily cured through physical therapy.

7.    Back Pain

Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, ligament strains and muscle strains can result in lower body pain which is curable through therapy.

8.    Bowel Problems or Incontinence Caused by Abdominal Pressure

Physical therapy can aid in strengthening the pelvic muscles.


Physical Therapy in Los Angeles utilizes non-invasive devices and techniques for restoring functions and promoting healing. The major focus is on overall fitness, health and well being. A majority of individuals can take advantage of physical therapy by discussing the rehabilitation methods with their therapists. The increase in aging population, popularity of extreme sports, and physical fitness has lead to a boost in demand for physical therapists.



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