Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is fast becoming the treatment of choice for a wide range of conditions that cause pain and discomfort. Dr. Pouriya Elyasi, head of the Chiro Health Group, utilizes this technology to effectively treat and care for patients requiring expert chiropractic care.

Cold laser therapy as a medical technology was invented in the 1960’s and has been steadily increasing in usage due to its advantages over other treatment options. When cells are damaged for some reason and fail to function correctly, cold laser therapy is used in a non-invasive way to penetrate the skin and accelerate their repair time. The technique works by using laser light with a specific wavelength for a period of 4-5 minutes. The emitted light interacts with and is absorbed by the light sensitive parts of the damaged cells. This speeds up the recovery and normalization of the cells, leading to a reduction in pain, inflammation, and long-term damage caused by the injury.

Other major advantages of cold laser therapy are that, unlike other treatments, it is painless, has a shorter recovery time, and there is no need to take any additional medication. Common issues cold laser therapy can be used to treat include: sprain-strains, edema and swelling, chronic or acute pain, arthritis, minor nerve damage, post-operative wounds, spinal injuries, and many more. With such a wide range of applications and major benefits with little or no side-effects, it is easy to see why it has become the treatment of choice for everyone from professional athletes to patients requiring pain management, especially for neck and lower back pain.

Chiro Health Group’s leading Los Angeles chiropractors offer this therapy as one of the many options to treat our patients according to their individual needs. For further information on cold laser therapy and how it can help you with your neck, back and spinal related problems, please feel free to contact us at (424) 279.4526 or come by our clinic at 9701 W Pico Blvd. Suite #100, Los Angeles.

We look forward to helping you on the way to a speedy recovery in the near future.

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