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Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists examine, evaluate and treat their patients suffering from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, developmental disabilities, osteoporosis, wounds, burns, neck pain, back pain and other such conditions that affect the ability of the individual to freely move about without having to face pain. Physical therapists in Beverly Hills are evidence based health professionals offering cost-effective treatments which assist patients in improving their body motion and relieving them from pain.

Beverly Hills Physical Therapist Assistance to Patients

Physical therapists in Beverly Hills ensure that their patients are provided proper assistance. They design the therapy plan according to the requirements of the patient. They check patient’s medical history and the cause of current injury or pain and then come up with an effective plan in order to provide the patient with quick and effective pain relief.

Following are the ways in which physical therapy can assist you:

Improvement in Motion and Mobility

  • For a patient’s better life, motion is significant. It helps them do their daily tasks like washing, cooking, doing their job, playing a sport.
  • Physical therapy ensures improvement in motion so that the patient can enjoy a quality life.
  • Furthermore, physical therapy also improves mobility, prevent injuries and improve coordination, flexibility, balance and strength.
  • Regular physical therapy ensures that the patient maintain the quality of their mobility and motion.

Conservative Option

  • For certain injuries, surgery may be the best option, but numerous studies indicate that physical therapy can provide a better alternative in most cases.
  • Conservative option to surgery indicates excellent care and this is offered by Beverly Hills physical therapist.
  • In case, surgery is unavoidable, physical therapy can help in preparing the patient for the surgery and also help in healing promptly after the surgery.
  • While for those individuals who are unable to undergo surgery due to their health, physical therapy helps them in maintaining and improving their lives.

Management of Pain Without Long-Term Medication Usage

  • The physical therapists can assist the patients to control their pain and reduce their long term medication usage.
  • According to research, the individuals receiving physical therapy have much greater success in reducing pain.
  • Physical therapists recognize the need of medication in chronic and acute conditions, so they provide their patients with an alternative solution to those long term medications to manage the pain.
  • Some of the conditions Beverly Hills physical therapists treat are as follows:
  • 1. Musculoskeletal disorders
    2. Traumatic brain injury
    3. Stroke
    4. Sports injuries
    5. Pelvic pain
    6. Osteoporosis
    7. Lymphedema
    8. Incontinence
    9. Headaches
    10. Hand injuries
    11. Fractures
    12. Dislocations
    13. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    14. Children’s motor development and function
    15. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    16. Burns/wounds
    17. Balance
    18. Back pain
    19. Arthritis

Helping to Regain Capabilities

  • With continuous treatment under an experienced physical therapist, it is quite possible for the patients to completely recover and regain their normal capabilities.
  • Apart from this, it also assists in improving the overall health and fitness of that patient.

Reduces Time of Recovery

  • Physical therapy helps in reducing the recovery time which is usually the top most priority of all patients.
  • However, some injuries which involve joint, ligament or muscle can take a little more time as this injury stiffens and temporarily immobilize the affected body part. Though, without proper physical therapy it will take an even longer time to heal.

When the therapy starts, the patients gradually become accustomed to their exercises and it gets easier for them to do. Their strengths starts increasing and overall health also starts to improve.

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